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Big Daddy’s is a South Florida staple that has been a part of the community for over 60 years. Over the years, Big Daddy’s evolved from our popular Big Daddy’s lounges to neighborhood liquor stores. The founding vision of Joe “Big Daddy” Flanigan – a come one, come all, local spot – is alive and well today.


We are one-of-a-kind combining the advantages of a chain operation, with the close-knit sensitivity of a family operated business. Our vision is to run the friendliest, cleanest, most knowledgeable package store operations possible, with prices below our competitor’s, with employees who love their jobs.


With endless options, liquor stores can be intimating. At Big Daddy’s our team assists any way they can. From product knowledge to personal favorites, our team will be sure to make the trip as easy as possible. 


We strive to make sure that all of our staff members go out of their way to make our customers feel like comfortable.  Let’s face it.  A bottle of Bacardi is a bottle of Bacardi no matter where you buy it.  There are two main factors that influence the liquor customer: price and service.


Since we meet any advertised specials (some restrictions apply), it really boils down to customer service and employee knowledge. This is where Big Daddy’s excels!